Whey is particularly suitable for skin, hair and body care, as whey has - thanks to its lactid acid - a positive effect on the skin's acid mantle. This is why whey is a popular ingredient for relaxing and nourishing whey baths à la Cleopatra, who is known for her passion for skin-friendly and soothing milk baths.

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Whey has a long tradition in skin care and is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, whey regulates the pH value of the skin. Thanks to lactic acid, lactose, calcium, vitamin B, iron, protein, potassium and phosphorus, whey is a real "multi-talent" and for us the perfect main ingredient for our soothing skin and body care range, the WHEY SERIES.

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Guided by our core values of quality, simplicity, transparency and sustainability, we have developed a certified organic skin and body care collection based on whey, the WHEY SERIES.

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