Rising environmental challenges caused by the current and harmful linear “take-make-dispose” call for an immediate change in the way we produce products. And especially the cosmetics industry is ripe for change.

Inspired by the ideas of the circular economy and based on our core values of quality, sustainability, transparency and simplicity, we developed an innovative and sustainable approach to skincare based on liquid organic whey, a very valuable and skin-friendly by-product of a cheese production. The result is an effective and soothing organic skin care range, called the Whey Series. The vielö Whey Series is good for the skin and good for the planet and proves that change is possible, even without compromising on quality.

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We are aware that our contribution is just a small one towards a more sustainable future but we hope it inspires others and will lead to a more respectful and responsible use of our valuable natural resources. With your support we can change the skincare industry and our circular manufacturing process proves that it's worth to rethink the current take-make-dispose system that is doing so much harm to our precious environment.

We always work on and search for better and more sustainable solutions to further reduce our own ecological footprint and to support and celebrate a more sustainable future lifestyle.

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