Unfortunately, there is currently no uniform and legally determined European quality standard that protects and regulates the term "organic" in the skincare industry. This opens the door for the widespread greenwashing where large corporations simply develop their own quality standards and skillfully promote these standards through flashy quality seals, nature images and misleading advertising.

Luckily, Austria already has a legal framework including an organic quality standard for the organic cosmetics, not be confused with so-called natural cosmetics. Compliance with this standard is independently monitored by the Austria Bio Garantie. So whenever you see the quality seal of the Austria Bio Guarantee for Austrian organic cosmetics, you can be sure it's genuine organic quality.

To uncompromisingly focus on efficacy, product quality and transparency also means to not alway take the easiest way in product development and manufacturing.

Thanks to our organic cosmetics certification, we can guarantee our customers full transparency and the highest organic product quality, certified by an independent body, the Austria Bio Guarantee. This gives our customers the assurance to buy genuine organic skincare and together we support and celebrate an organic and sustainable lifestyle.

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